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A number of experienced and high qualified Dutch lecturers are ready to come down to Ghana as soon as the CORONA pandemic allows them to do so. This might be in the second quarter of this year, due to the progress with the extensive vaccination program that is carried out at present in The Netherlands and in Ghana.


A concept curriculum -called 996- has already been worked out by the lecturers. 996 stands for: lessons from 9 to 9 and 6 days a week. Based on their experiences with students from Ghana (who are already in the Netherlands), the expected course duration is 3 months. Exams are taken by the University of Leuven (Belgium) in cooperation with WAEC (Ghana).


The daily program consists of 4.5 hours of teaching and 4.5 hours of conversation. In the evening and week-ends there are discussion meetings on all kinds of subjects.

Overseas job content

During the daily conversation lessons, the HR Department of the future employer is to be contacted as much as possible through Skype or Zoom. Upon arrival, the work environment and job content should be fairly familiar already and unpleasant surprises are avoided.


For some students it will be difficult to find a place in Accra to stay. It is being investigated whether there is sufficient interest in staying in our own hostel. With 24/7 restaurant facilities.


teacher for language

Engelina Muller

Engelina Muller is a Dutch lecturer with many years of experience with Dutch as a second language for groups of students from all over the world, especially from West-African countries. She also has a great deal of experience with coaching and guidance in career choices, which is of great importance in contacts with hospitals and clinics in The Netherlands. Her specialty is with teaching methods that involves ICT. She is joining the Dutch Institute for Foreign Languages as Senior Lecturer.

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