Frequently Asked Questions


Question by various: What is my guarantee for a workplace?

Answer: During your language classes, the lecturers will assist you making a choice out of a number of vacancies that are offered. They will help you to write a correct application letter in the Dutch language and assist you to secure your workplace. If possible, contact is made via ZOOM with the HR department of the employer you have chosen. At the moment of departure, the workplace is guaranteed.

Question by 0706-101; Will there be any Entrance Examination for Expatriates after arrival?

Answer: No. The Credential Evaluation procedure of documents (endorsed by GHS) is binding.

Question by 0725-102: Is there a limit on the age of the applicant?

Answer: No, there is no minimum age and no maximum age limitation.

Question by various: If I don’t pass the Dutch Exams, what’s next?

Answer: High qualified and dedicated teachers are flown in from The Netherlands. They don’t rest until you have passed the exams.

Question by 0515-101: what are the qualifications and requirements for nurses?

Answer: The language course lecturers have large job listings. During the conversation lessons, the various HR departments will be contacted (via Zoom) to see which job suits you best.

Question by 0508-101: How do I find out an information about recruited of healthcare to Netherlands and I want to be sure if those having certificate holders are part?

Answer: Your certificates are sent to Netherlands for evaluation. You may use their conclusion in your conversation with the HR departments you are talking too. All Health worker are part.

Question by various: is there a deadline for the 1000 GHS to be paid?

Answer: No, there is no deadline, but we will not treat the application as official until full payment is received.

Question by 0220-106: can I pay 1000 GHS administration fee in instalments?

Answer: Yes, you can. However, we treat your application as official and advise the bankers to consider your loan application (for study and travel) after the complete payment has been received.

Question by 0720-101: Can I do my payments online?

Answer: Yes, you can pay the required fees online.

Question by various: can I learn the language from someone else?

Answer: Why would you like to do that? The risk that you fail the exam is quite realistic. On the other hand, is contact with HR departments with your future employer crucial.  These contacts are established during the course and coordinated by the lecturers. Conclusion: don’t do it and join your colleagues you are going to work with.  Don’t waste your precious money!

Question by 0311-101: when can I know the exact costs?

Answer: You will have your cost details around middle next week. We are still discussing with bankers how we shall structure them loan you might need.

Question by 0311-101: What will be the total amount needed?

Answer: The total amount needed to complete your transition to Europe will arrive at about GHS 50,000 to 55,000 depending on the bank rate GHS versus Euro.

Question by 0311-101:  How long will the process take?

Answer: Between start of language course and arrival in Netherlands will take between 4 and 6 months.

Question by 0311-101: when will the Language Institute open its doors?

Answer: It depends on the Corona developments in Europe, but vaccinations have started on an impressive scale. Our estimation is that we can start in about two months.

Question by 1425-101: How do I pay the money?

Answer: Please, pay the 1000 GHS administration fee into the ECObank account as indicated on the website.

Question by 1425-101: Please is there any closing date?

Answer: There is no closing date, but we will not provide you with the application documents for the bank-loan only, until the amount is poperly received.

Question by 0715-1012: Is the project is genuine one?

Answer: it is very legitimate. We inform you that IGP (rtd) Hon C K Dewornu is on the board of directors of our mother-company since 1996. We are working under present Minister o Health: Kwaku Agyeman-Manu since he was Dep Minister of Finance. We have developed numerous projects for the Ministries of Trade, of Education, of Energy.

Question by 1204-116: What is the interest rate charged by the bank?

Answer: we are negotiating for a group-loan. It is also a question of negotiation and our capacity to minimise every possible risk. Another critical point is that the loan is in GHS but repayment in Euro. We are now designing an extensive insurance policy with one of the best international insurers at the London Stock Exchange. It will definitely not be the usual rate of 20% charged for an individual loan.

Question by 1204-116: How is the bank going to deduct its money after the loan has been granted?

Answer: Deduction at source. The employer will pay -monthly from your salary- direct to the bank on your behalf.

Question by 1204-116: In 6 months as par our understanding, we move to the Netherlands?

Answer: Our time line is 3 months language course followed by 1 months for visa application and 1 month for the housing preparation. For all eventualities we calculate 1 month extra. Which might not be necessary.

Question by 1204-116: Prove of awareness of the Ghana health ministry of medical broker?

Answer: An MoU will be published on the website

Question by 1204-116: Prove of your company as a recruiting agency in EU or Netherlands.

Answer: MedicalBrokers is not a regular recruiting agency. It is established for this purpose only and will not undertake other recruitment activities either tan in Netherlands and Germany. MedicalBrokers is a daughter company of Dutch Technology, an engineering and consultancy firm in Accra that established relationship with MoH as a contractor to the new Regional Hospital in Cape-Coast under Hon Minister Eunice Emissa-Broekman.

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