Why become a partner of MedicalBrokers?

• You are supported with a wide variety of promotion materials, from pamphlets, posters and banners

• Earn commission for attracting Health Workers to complete the Admission Process

• You can earn high commissions based on the performance of an applicant

• Earn commission based on each applicant attending the language course

• The ability to create your own links.


More about commissions


How is my performance controlled?

The applicant has to indicate your name on the Contact Form

When do I receive my payment?

You receive your 1st commission when the applicant has received his approval of the bank loan.

You receive your 2nd commission when the applicant has completed the language course.

How will I receive my payment?

The payment transfer will be put into the bank account you have filled in in your Partner Network Agreement.

Do I need to have a Registered Enterprise to join?

No, this is not necessary. You only need a bank account where MedicalBrokers can pay your commissions earned as a partner.

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