To rent a small house or apartment or studio at a moderate price that not exceeds 30% of one’s income is quite a task in The Netherlands or in Germany. However, some institution that work for the benefit of the general public have been able to establish -in cooperation with interested city councils- compound areas entailing a few hundreds of small housing units. Very often modules that are standard on the market -e.g.: sea-containers- are re-designed into a pleasant living environment by well-known architects.

Due to very strict environment rules within the vicinity of a city, an architect is not always free to follow his style or artistic expression, unfortunately. But in a situation where the regulations are a bit more free, wonderful result can be realised. A very inspiring.

It is our intention to erect in Accra a few houses for demonstration purposes, offering prospects the opportunity to choose between some varieties in interior lay-out, options in decoration and limited furniture styles. On arrival at the new workplace, you may find the house of your choice ready for immediate occupation.


Support to Ghana’s Industry

You might have learned from the wonderful Presidential Initiative: One District One Factory. The houses you are living in in Europe are to be prefab constructed in Ghana under this regime.

We intend to built in Accra a small number of show-pieces for you to inspect and make your own choice out of a small variety of interiors.

It might give you a special "at home" feeling when you, after a day of hard work, return to a house that has been made in Ghana and decorated to your own choice and taste.

Above all, by leaving Ghana, you supported Ghana’s Export Industry as a concerned citizen.

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