COVID-19 is not over! (not at all)

The situation as assessed two months ago by the various governments in Western Europe has been completely overtaken by the reality of the moment. Vaccination rates in almost no country were sufficient to stop the spread; on the contrary, the number of infections rose again and brought the hospitals into the greatest trouble. On the "Letter from CEOs Office" page, you will find a graph that shows how great the infections are. At the time of this publication, the number of IC admissions in the Netherlands is higher than it has ever been.

Austria is already back in full 'lock-down' and other countries are following with new restrictions: no audience at football matches; working from home as much as possible, schools are closed again. At the same time, there are major uprisings in many European cities by groups demonstrating against vaccination. A big dilemma for everyone.

As MedicalBrokers we remain very patient in everything we do and continue to control the situation. Very professional!

Unexpected Improvements

The delays meanwhile have led to unexpected improvements in the set-up of this project:

Extra Pension: we have extra time to work out the best conceivable arrangements with the insurance companies. Pensions in particular have received extra attention: after having worked in the EU for a few years, every employee can look forward to a pension that -in Ghana- only dreams of.

Larger employer organisations: during the COVID-19, several care centres have made the choice to work more closely together. We are now talking to the group as a whole. This has an enormous advantage for the applicants: during the language course, the job interviews can be much more focused and the choice of a workplace can probably be called perfect.

Fortunately, the interest in MedicalBrokers remains high with more than 16,500 visitors. If you are also interested, please send us your completed contact form.


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